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RKC In House Club Rules 

These rules are for in house use to enhance and create guidelines for all members to follow.

     Rules may be added or revised by:

A.    A motion from any member.
B.    Followed by a discussion.
C.    Voted on at the next meeting. 

    Each year all members shall review and initial a checklist     for acknowledgement of these rules.

1. Officers and Show Chairs can not show or have a dog that     they own or co-own shown at the R.K.C. shows.

2. If members show or have someone else show dogs that  they own or co-own, said member is not permitted to eat in  the lunchroom the day before their dog is shown or the day  that they show or have their dog shown.

3.Anyone picking up judges at the airport or driving them   back to the hotel should not drive judges they will be  showing to.

4.Members who will show dogs in the weekend of the RKC   shows are expected to work on the committees and assist   in cleanup on Sunday.

5. Members who help at least one of the three days at our   show will receive a $10.00 towards our Holiday Party Dinner,   if we have one.